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Gel Pads Gymbit Bodyshaper

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Gel Pads Gymbit Bodyshaper

ID: 106049431 | SKU: 1000136605

Versatile EMS gel pads are designed in a butterfly shape that can be used to tone any part of your body – arms, legs, buttocks, abdominals, back and more. Pads are 100% safe, comfortable and easy to attach. Use for massage or targeted exercise. Portable and wireless, fit the BodyShaper.

4,90 €

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Detaily produktu

Targets Any Muscular Group for Effective Toning

BodyShaper Pads provide EMS-enabled exercise that stimulates any muscle group – whether you simply want a relaxing massage or wish to enhance muscle-building and stamina during exercise.

Contour to Your Body for a Safe and Secure Fit

Soft, flexible and easy to attach, BodyShaper Pads are 100% safe and comfortable. They are easy to attach and remain secure for a comfortable fit.

Replace Pads Every 30-40 Workouts

BodyShaper Gel Pads are designed to work with the breakthrough BodyShaper system and should be replaced every 30-40 workouts.

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